October 1, 2013

Hey mom!!!

This week has been pretty good, we have been finding a few more people to teach, and have been doing pretty well. The people we are teaching are good, less committed than we would like, but still very willing to meet with us and listen. But FAITH leads us to ACT, so we’ve been working on that. But they are all good people, we just want them to know that God loves them.

I’m glad you were able to go and have a ton of fun in Denver! It has been COLD up here, but right now its prefect. Apparently, it will be up and down all fall, (but that’s how it was last year) and it’s good. Hopefully the leaves will fall soon so we can jump in piles of them. That was fun… and Halloween is coming, so I’m gonna have to contain myself on candy. Hopefully I wont have another foreign comp who can’t get enough american chocolate so I can control myself too, haha. I cant wait to see you all!!! I am so excited!

Thanksgiving food…. if aunt Jill is coming, her chocolate pie!!! haha. If Helenadoesn’t come to dinner, she’ll be there like, the next day haha. She’s awesome you will love her. And Sister Burtenshaw will be there, and the Daye family said they’d come!! 🙂 I’mso excited! it’s going to be awesome!

As for the homecoming dinner, I want wings n things haha. I’ve been craving that for WEEKS. It’s obnoxious really, haha. And Chinese food sounds good, fried rice especially. Actually, I want maunapua. mmmmmmmm. haha.

Anyway, I will send some pics right now. I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Sister Kuoha

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September 24, 2013

Hey mom!

Sounds like you had a ton of fun! Kudos for beating the raiders haha. Any news on how the Chargers are doing this season?? lol. We have a couple of people updating us on the NFL, and the U beat BYU this past Saturday haha. 🙂

Anyway!! I hope you all had fun down there!! Can’t wait to go see a Monday night football game soon 😉 And are we going to see the Broncos and Chargers again?? Hope so!

Anyway, things are going pretty well, it’s getting a little cold here, but its good. A bit windy, so that probably means there’s going to be a storm… but someone said that its supposed to snow this week up in the mountains. It wont stick but it’s just a bad sign. 😦 haha. But that’s okay. I’ll have to get some really cheap boots to last me the rest of my time. No problemo.

Anyway, I hope everything is going well. Gram looks good! Like she’s lost a bunch of weight, though… Tell aunt Jill I said hi!!!! Did Reny tell you I ran into him in my area?!?! It was awesome. haha.

Well, everything is going well, we are working with a few awesome people, and we’re looking to work with others. So we’re good.

Well, I hope to hear from you soon! Love you!!

Sister Kuoha


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September 17, 2013

Hey mom,

Sorry I don’t have a lot of time. and not enough to send pics today… but next week for sure… sorry.

Things are pretty good. just a rough couple of weeks with our investigators, but things are looking up. So hopefully in the next couple weeks I will have more to report! Might be getting sick, I’ve been sneezing a lot, and I’ve been reeeeally tired. 😛 But no floods here, there’s not too much rain either, the storms move northeast pretty fast.

We had a great conference up in Brighton, I have a lot of good pics and will send them next week, promise!!

Good to hear everything is going so well back home!! hey Helena is out in CA now, so you should text her and meet her sometime and make her Hawaiian food, I talked it up a lot. haha.

I love and miss you all and will see you all pretty dang soon!!!!


Sister Kuoha

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September 10, 2013

Hey mom!!

This week has been okay. It’s been reallllly difficult!! A lot of our investigators have been really shady. and one family told us not to come over anymore… it was pretty heartbreaking. But they wanted us to be friends only, and not fulfill our purpose of being missionaries, so we unfortunately had to choose. It was very hard, but the ward is still trying to be their friends and everything, so I’m just glad that they still have a good influence in their lives.

Tomorrow the mission is going to Brighton up in one of the canyons and we are going to hike (in our missionary clothes, but jogging shoes lol) and have a conference. We are pretty excited! So there should be a lot of pics next week haha.

I’m so glad you were able to celebrate Claudine’s life! I miss her a ton, but I know she is happy and she has such an amazing family that is still going strong!! she has left an amazing impact on my life, and the ward!! tell her family I said hi!!

I hope you enjoy the crazy Sundays haha. I will probably have some ridiculous calling when I get home where I will never have a relaxing Sunday haha.

The weather has been a lot better here!! we have had rain on and off lately, so its been awesome. But then when it stops its humid, and I am actually not used to it. hahah. It’s kinda sad.

Well, I hope you are having a great week! I hope they moved into their house well and are enjoying it!!!

I love you! I will send pics soon.


Sister Kuoha ❤

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September 3, 2013

Hey Mom,

HOLY HECK. that’s crazy!

I am SO glad that dad is feeling better. That is so crazy! have They found out what was going on in his car? I hope they figure it out and can make sure that nobody else has to go through it. yes, I got his last letter a few weeks ago, it’s just very hard to find time to sit down and write letters. but I will email him this week. Thanks for all the updates though.

Well, transfer calls were last night, but nothing is changing for us! We had a really difficult week here, and our investigators haven’t been progressing much, but we are working on it and have a few potentials we are going to be working with this week. We are pretty excited. But yeah, a lot happening soon, I hope.

Anyway, it’s still kinda hot here, and I have been drinking water like a beast. Everyone here is pretty nice. But yeah, we are working pretty hard and hopefully seeing results soon.
Well, I hope you guys have a good week! Don’t inhale anything bad….

I love you!!!!!!

Sister Kuoha

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August 27, 2013

Hey mom!

Looks like Gram is in a good place, I’m glad she likes it. I was pretty worried there when you said she’d have to leave… I miss her! She looks like she’s doing pretty good though, so I’m glad she is being looked after. Can you send me her new address so I can still write to her? I’m soooo glad that my last letter got there on time, though. So who is going to live there and take care of the house?

This week has been pretty awesome. Crap, I think i forgot my camera cord, dangit…

But we got caught in a HUGE rainstorm it was AWESOME. We were soooo soaked by the time we got back to our house. It was raining so hard, we could barely see where we were going. And then it was hailing haha, so that was fun. But we changed and then headed to dinner and by the time we were done, it had stopped. So that was good. But it was pretty fun, and today we rode here in a tiny bit of rain. It feels really nice. Everybody here hates the humidity, but I feel right at home!! haha.

Anyway, we have been working with a few awesome people. They are starting to progress after a bit of work with them, but we are excited. As long as we keep going, we see results. Whenever I feel discouraged or like nothing is happening, I always think of 2 Nephi 31:21 and it gets better. Just like dad says, “turn work into play, then PLAY HARD!” And also, something that Elder Holland said once, “Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven. But for those that embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.” and that’s an apostle’s promise! Pretty dang cool.

Anyway, we have some cool things coming up, we are stoked!! and transfers are next week…. ah! haha.

Well, thanks for emailing me these pictures!! I love you, have a good week!

Love, Sister Kuoha!

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August 20, 2013

Hey mom,

This week has been pretty good so far! We are working really hard with the people we have to meet with now. They are awesome, but I see a trend of faith. They all need more faith, and that is something that we cannot just teach them. They have to really want to have it, and then act themselves, so we are kind of struggling with that right now. We are working hard though, and good things are coming from it, so we are still doing work. It never stops, so we just keep biking and inviting and testifying.

I went on an exchange on Wednesday with sister Vieth’s greenie as she came to my area and worked with sister Wason. I met a TON of crazy people in that area haha. But I also learned a lot from them, and they all just need a push in the right direction. But so many people have a bad taste in their mouth about the Mormons… its crazy. You never know who you will influence for good or bad, and you never know who knows you are a member of the church. So, you ALWAYS have to keep the covenant from baptism, of taking the Lord’s name upon us and acting as he would, so we can all impact them for the GOOD in the name of Christ. Just my thought of the week, I guess.

I have been thinking of Gram a lot. I am sad she is doing so bad. How often do people get to visit her? Who is going to take care of the house? Does she still remember everyone?? I really miss her, and I hope I can spend some time with her when I get home.

Well, I hope you all had a great week. Sorry I left my camera at home this week….

Well, write soon!! I love you!!

Sister Kuoha

the only pic this week cuz i forgot my camera... but thanks to sister swearingen, i have a photo! lol

the only pic this week cuz i forgot my camera… but thanks to sister swearingen, i have a photo! lol

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